Who else wants to reinvent their midlife with stunning life clarity on 1-page, without wasting another moment to a dreary life on auto-pilot?🧐

Welcome aboard.

Introducing the life clarity framework of the future!

Imagine the life of Sasha.

She found herself suddenly in her mid-forties. Life had moved on too swiftly in her view.

Her personal identity had been linked to her commitments to her family, chores and career for the past 20 odd years.

You have reached the only online Retreat which can distill your life priorities and purposes down to 1-page of stunning clarity.

Imagine the life of Mark.

In his early fifties now, he had always prided himself as a consistent provider for his family through his investment in his career. Things have changed a lot in term of his close relationships and friendships over the past few year.

He was left re-questioning everything he had previously considered worthy of his time and effort.

A letter from me to you...

Hi friend,

You may be feeling lost and uncertain of your purpose in life at this point of your life. 

You're not alone. Many people feel this way at some point in their lives. 

I'm here to tell you that there is hope. Great hope!

My name is Jerry Selvaseelan, and I'm a father in midlife, an introvert, thinker, philosopher, designer, Founder of a thought retreat called LogicalRetreat®, a place where people come to get their lives re-invented and refurbished into brand new purposes and clarity like they never dreamt was possible. 

This life transformation for you will be through an online program I created called the 1-Page Midlife Clarity Blueprint MasterClass Program.

If you're wondering what this program can do for you, let me give you a little bit of background. 

I created this program because I was in a similar situation to you. I was in my midlife and felt like I had lost my zest for life. I didn't know what my greater purpose was, and I felt like I was just going through the motions day after day on auto-pilot.

I read books, watched numerous Youtube Videos and podcasts, tried different programs, but nothing seemed to talk to my own life situation. I was starting to feel like I was never going to find my lifepath with the deep clarity I desired.

That's when I had the idea for this program. 

I built the ‘Obscenely Bare Living Framework’ just for people like you. With one ultimate, radical and powerful aim: to give people in midlife the skills to re-evaluate every part of their life and distil it all down to 1-page. 

You will get 1- page of 15 power lifepath statements. These statements will be your guide for the next 5 years, detailing your new purposes, priorities and personal legacy plans. You can review your 1-page and revise it every 3-5 years as your life circumstances change, and you will have full lifetime access to this course material and every update to it for life.

You will always be clear about where you stand in life and where you are headed. There is no other product or program in the market out there which is designed with such an outcome for you. This is built to transform your life…radically, in the shortest time possible. I welcome you to this journey with me.

It's a step-by-step carefully curated program that will walk you through the process of finding your purpose. There are reflection worksheets you can complete online, video lessons distilled to exactly the measure you need and nothing more, and other useful fill-in the-blank templates and resources that will help you along the way.

The program is designed to help you find your passion and live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. It will help you assess your values and goals, learn how to manage your time and energy, deal with stress, toxic people, set boundaries and overcome obstacles. You'll also learn how to set goals and create a masterplan to achieve them. This is so important because without a plan, it's easy to get side-tracked and give up on our noble dreams.

If you're ready to make a change and invest in your future, I encourage you to enroll in my program. It could be the best decision you ever make.

I wish you the very best in your journey,

Features and Immediate Benefits for You


Enroll & Commit

You will be given the option to choose between the flagship  self-directed online learning through 30 bite-sized video lessons. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a blended coaching model where you will be able to do this course alongside reflection sessions through direct access on 1-1 basis with the Creator of the program.


 Learn & Reflect

Through a dedicated LogicalRetreat®️
online training portal
, with immediate access to the entire program and clear Online Worksheets you can complete through your learning portal (no pen and paper needed!) each day to help you get to your point of utmost clarity.


Transform & Thrive

By the end of the program, you would have identified the key purposes of your life, the priorities worthy of your investment, and what kind of personal legacy you will be leaving behind for the following generations😍. 

You will be clear about the life path ahead of you.

Module-1 Discovery Sessions: Who is the ‘Real’ Me?

Lesson-1 : Why bother with Purpose, Identity, Clarity & Direction in my Mid-life?

    • The unharnessed power of purpose
    • The scientific evidence on direct connection between identified life purpose and health.
    • Life Transforming capacity of crafting your life purpose.
    • Common Myths on Life Purpose.

    Lesson-1 : Immediate benefits for you

    You will grasp how components of life purpose and identified meaning in life, has the power to alter your mental, physical and cognitive health, including reducing risk of Alzheimer's Disease, and what you can do to get these benefits from today.

    You will also be able to dismiss the fake stories about life purpose you come across in social media.

    Lesson-2 : My Cardinal Virtues & Values Identified & 3 powerful ways to use Logotherapy today!

      • Difference between Virtues and Values and how to identify your core ones.
      • Why it’s important to establish your own virtues and values in your life.
      • Logotherapy: How you can employ this into your life in 3 powerful ways today.

      Lesson-2 : Immediate benefits for you

      You will be able to channel the power of clear decision-making, having identified your own cardinal virtues and values which align with your thinking. 

      You will also be able to make the principles of Logotherapy, a part of your daily living to make your life more meaningful than ever.

      Learn the beautiful art of crafting your life purpose.

       The skill of authoring your personal legacy plan.

      Then live abundantly.

      Introducing the LogicalRetreat®️
      Craft your Life Purpose in just 30 days

      The MasterClass Program

      Is this program for me??

      Who is this meant for?

      What will my 30-day Journey look like in the program?

      How will this work?

      After the 30 days, you will have ALL the skills and knowledge to be ready to live a decluttered and focused life.

      You will be able to look forward with hope and vision to accomplish the passionate goals you have set for yourself.

      Join this journey with me to disrupt your life going on auto-pilot. 

      Then live abundantly.

      Who is the creator of this program?

      The above module topics are provided just as an indication of the breadth and depth of the program. Each module is broken into relevant sub-sections, with personal reflection and action commitments for ease of life-application immediately to your life context after every lesson.