You are 40+ and you have niggling doubts about where you 'should have been' versus where you are now.🧐

You desire crystal clear clarity for your future life path. 🤌

You wish to turn your deep regrets into the most powerful transformational event in your life.💣

Welcome aboard.

🥰Imagine what your life would be like if...

  • you were able to take back control of your future life trajectory,
  • you were shown how to live everyday with a renewed zest for life from authoring your vision from a rocking personal legacy plan,
  • you were able to thrive every single day on a joyful & exciting hope drawn from realizing your absolute potential by finally investing in your identified worthy passions!💣
  • you were able to live a decluttered, focused & peaceful life which can only come from the assurance that you are following your carefully crafted life purposes.

    Reinvent your Mid-life Identity, Purpose, Clarity & Direction in just 30 days.👇

    You have reached the online Retreat made for you to get all that wrapped up💌in just 3️⃣0️⃣ days.

    Learn the beautiful art of crafting your life purpose.

     The skill of authoring your personal legacy plan.

    Then live abundantly.

    Introducing the LogicalRetreat®️
    Craft your Life Purpose in just 30 days

    The MasterClass Program

    Is this program for me??

    Who is this meant for?

    What will my 30-day Journey look like in the program?

    How will this work?

    STEP 1

    Choose your medium

    You will be given the option to choose between either 30 days of self-directed online learning through video modules or opt for a blended coaching model where you will be able to do this course alongside weekly one-one coaching sessions with the Creator of the program.

    STEP 2

    Enroll & Learn

    In 30 days, through a dedicated LogicalRetreat®️
    online training portal
    , with lessons dripped every single day and clear Worksheets you can complete online on your learning portal (no pen and paper needed!) each day to help you get to your goal.

    STEP 3

    Transform & Thrive

    By the end of the program, you would have identified the key purposes of your life, the passions  worthy of your investment, and what kind of personal legacy you will be leaving behind for the following generations😍. 

    You will be clear about the life path ahead of you.

    After the 30 days, you will have ALL the skills and knowledge to be ready to live a decluttered and focused life.

    You will be able to look forward with hope and vision to accomplish the passionate goals you have set for yourself.

    Join this journey with me to disrupt your life going on auto-pilot. 

    Then live abundantly.

    Who is the creator of this program?


    The above module topics are provided just as an indication of the breadth and depth of the program. Each module is broken into relevant sub-sections, with personal reflection and action commitments for ease of life-application immediately to your life context after every lesson.